Prior Guisborians – a Survey

The Alumni of Prior Pursglove College
formerly The Old Guisborian Association
of the Grammar School, Guisborough.


This report contains a summary of the survey of former students of Prior Pursglove College and Guisborough Grammar School, conducted between and 15th September and 28th October 2011.

The survey seeks to establish former student interest in renewed alumni arrangements in this 450th year since foundation of the original school, and 80th anniversary of the creation of the previous Old Guisborian Association.





An opportunity to reconnect…


through the Prior Pursglove College Alumni Association and the Old Guisborian Association.


Many of you have been involved in the celebrations to mark the granting of the Royal Charter in 1561 leading to the establishment of an institution, which ultimately became Guisborough Grammar School and more recently Prior Pursglove College.


It was fantastic to meet so many of you at our various events this year who have vivid and memorable recollections of your time here, whether of teaching staff or fellow students.


The events of this year have provided the impetus to consider the development of an alumni/old student association, building on the achievements of some of the existing groups. I am aware, for example, that the Old Guisborian Association has been meeting for many years, and other groups have met occasionally.


A small group of college staff and interested alumni has started discussions about what we want to achieve and how we could go about it. However, we feel that we can go no further until we hear from those who might benefit from the formation of such a group; in other words, our alumni. Your views will help shape what we do, and with this in mind we have put together a questionnaire so we can gain some clear feedback on the best way forward. We are also seeking individuals who would be willing to join the steering group.

I would be most grateful if you would help us by spending the a few minutes of your time to complete the questionnaire via the following link: also linked here .

Thank you in advance for your help, and I look forward to reconnecting with as many of you as possible in the near future.


Judy Burton


Prior Pursglove College





Background and basis of the survey:


Prior Pursglove College had collected a number of ex-student details via its own Alumni web pages ( and collaborated with active year groups from Guisborough Grammar School to establish a contact list of some 250 ex-students and staff. (Many other names exist in the Old Guisborian Association records, but there were few if any contact details believed to be current other than those already included in the combined list above, though efforts continue to re-establish contact with old members.)


The survey link was also forwarded to all those associated with the school or the college on Friends Reunited, and with selected other contact pages via FaceBook and LinkedIn.


The survey itself was created and conducted using QuestionPro ( by the active volunteer group mentioned in the introductory letter from college principal, Judy Burton.


Many thanks for all your support in responding to the survey. A summary of the responses so far is included below. The volunteer group will be contacting you further with news of arrangements for the remainder of 2011.







The Overall Response:


The responses were collected between 15th September and 28th October 2011 according to the following profile. (Note 25th September was the point when the survey link was shared via Friends Reunited, Facebook and re-postings to additional contacts.)


There were 31 responses from 111 contacts on the college alumni list

There were 25 responses from 117 contacts on the active year-group list

There were 181 responses from others contacted via Friends Reunited after 25th September, and this response seems to show a latent interest even though most people’s Friends Reunited accounts appear otherwise dormant.





Year Profile of Responses:


The responses reflected a good spread across all school and college final year groups from 1947 to 2011 centred around the more active year group(s) as follows :




Survey Responses per Question



Any questions, suggestions or feedback, please contact:


Ian Glendinning : ian [dot] glendinning [at] gmail [dot] com

Caroline Leng : c [dot] leng [at] prior [dot] pursglove [dot] ac [dot] uk